Secrets of a Medieval Castle: The Chepstow Castle Tour

Secrets of a Medieval Castle: The Chepstow Castle Tour

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Kevin Hicks has been leading students on tours of Chepstow Castle for almost 30 years, and he’s accumulated quite a few secrets about the castle over that time! In this special video tour, Hicks takes us on a tour of his favourite castle and shares some of the fascinating secrets he’s discovered. From the hidden rooms to the secret passageways, this video is sure to leave you fascinated by the history of this medieval castle.

The Chepstow Castle Tour begins with a brief overview of the history of the castle, which was built in 1067, just one year after the Norman invasion. Kevin Hicks then takes us on a tour of the castle grounds, pointing out hidden rooms and secret passageways as we go. He shares stories about the people who lived in the castle throughout its history, bringing the castle to life in a way that is both informative and entertaining.

This video tour of Chepstow Castle is a must-watch for anyone interested in medieval history. Kevin Hicks’ passion for the topic shines through, and his vast knowledge of the castle is truly impressive. If you’re looking for an enjoyable and informative way to learn about medieval castles, this video is definitely for you!

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