Rhodophiala – an easy to grow dwarf Amaryllid

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Growing Rhodophiala from bulbs is really easy and they are forgiving of a lot of different growing conditions. They are dwarf amaryllids, which means that they don’t get too big or require a lot of space. The flowers are really beautiful too!

Rhodophiala bifida is a dwarf amaryllid that is native to southern Brazil. It grows from a small bulb and produces long, strap-like leaves. The flowers are borne on long stalks and are typically pink or red in color. R. bifida is the most commonly cultivated species, but there are a few other species that are also grown. These include Rhodophiala advena, Rhodophiala affinis, Rhodophiala chicassii, and Rhodophiala hirsuta.

The best time to plant Rhodophiala bulbs is in the fall, after the leaves have died back. This can be done in either pots or in the ground. They prefer a well-drained soil and full sun to partial shade. Once they are established, they are quite drought tolerant. If you live in an area with hot summers, it is best to grow them in pots so that you can move them into shade during the heat of the day.

To propagate Rhodophiala, you can divide the bulbs when they are dormant in the fall or winter. You can also seed them, although this is not as common since it takes several years for the plants to mature enough to flower if grown from seed.


Rhodophialas are not typically bothered by pests or diseases, although aphids can sometimes be a problem. If you see any pests on your plants, simply hose them off with water or remove them by hand.

If you’re looking for an easy to grow plant that doesn’t take up much space, Rhodophialas are a great option! They tolerate a wide range of growing conditions and will reward you with beautiful flowers each year.

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