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Long lens view of the Apollo 11 Saturn V stack in flight, the propulsion from the first S-I stage fanning out over a thousand feet behind the rocket. This first stage of the Saturn rocket, powered by kerosene and liquid oxygen creates a thrust of over 7.5 million pounds, from the five F1 engines, to accelerate the fully fueled 3000 tonne rocket from rest to a speed of over 3500 mph and a height of 25 miles. One minute and 24 seconds into the clip this first stage is empty and is jettisoned in the first staging procedure. Still traveling at over 3500 mph it falls slowly away as the second S-II stage takes over burning with a pure and invisible liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen flame. Two minutes and ten seconds in the connecting ring between the first and second stages is jettisoned along with the launch escape system tower from the top of the Command Module on the top of the stack.

Historic Context of Clip
Background to Saturn:
The Saturn V, was a multistage liquid-fuel expendable rocket used by NASA’s Apollo and Skylab programs. It remains the most powerful launch vehicle ever brought to operational status, from a height, weight and payload standpoint, although the Russian Energia, which flew only two test missions, had slightly more takeoff thrust. In all, NASA launched thirteen Saturn V rockets between 1967 and 1973, with no loss of payload. The three stages of the Saturn V were developed by various NASA contractors, but following a sequence of mergers and takeovers all of them are now owned by Boeing.

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