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Footagevault manages and digitally distributes one of the largest and most significant film archives in the world. Our clients are leading global communications companies and corporations, organizations, agencies and non-profits, such as the BBC, Discovery Communications, Channel 4 and numerous others who rely on our services to transform the way they work.

Why not let us unlock the potential of your own film and video archive? A partnership with footagevault can help you make the most of your media assets, converting your footage into fully searchable, digital, broadcast quality files for delivery to customers around the world; building your brand internationally and boosting your business.

We offer a range of services:
Controlled access to a corporate film archive
A service for companies or agencies with private film and video collections – please contact us here.
Selling your footage
A service for anyone with a moving picture archive, from camera operators and DOPs to production companies looking to sell their footage. Please click here for further information.
Search aggregator
A service for existing stock footage libraries, designed to drive more traffic to their sites.

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