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Footagevault supports a number of projects each year by donating footage from our archives without charge, as well as our employee time, resources and expertise. We focus our effort on non-profit projects which would not happen without our assistance and which often have an educational out-reach element to them.

You can find a selection of some of the projects we’ve supported recently below:

Our-Space – a web site for young people and educators to discover and download videos, pictures and other digital resources to use in their own video stories, ‘mashups’, projects or resources, all available completely FREE OF CHARGE!

Yuri Gagarin 50 – a web site devoted to the celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of Yuri Gagarin’s pioneering human spaceflight during 2011.

Lambeth City Learning Centre – Moon Landing Festival Exhibition – a virtual news reporting interactive exhibition for school children visiting the British Film Institute’s One Giant Leap festival on London’s South Bank during the summer of 2009.

Intermission CAA Secrets of Apollo – the first public screening of the entire Apollo flight film archive on the American continent.

Science Museum – Apollo Raw and Uncut – the first public screening of the entire Apollo flight film archive in the world.

The Miriam Hyman Memorial Trust (MHMT) – Miriam was a much loved friend of ours and for the last year of her life she supported our early plans for setting up Footagevault, advising us from her professional experience as a picture researcher, working with image archives all over the world. We continue to donate employee time and where possible funds to support the great work of the MHMT in her name.

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